What is Project MarryGold?

Project MarryGold is a platform and service to help Indian and other South Asian couples find and connect with their perfect wedding vendors.

Is this for me?

If you are a modern, busy South Asian couple who, while living in the States, wants your big day to celebrate your cultural traditions, then look no further. We can help bring your vision to life without breaking your budget or taking up all your free time.

What is a Project MarryGold Professional and what will they do for me?

A MarryGold Professional is a planning professional who has contacts and experience in the South Asian Wedding vendor market. Our experts are eager to share their knowledge and connect you with trusted vendors, saving you tons of time and providing you with confidence in your choice of vendor.

How does this work?

Your MarryGold Professional will set up a call to get to know you, your needs, vision and budget. Using that information, we compile a list and connect you with local vendors who match your needs. If after contacting them, you do not feel they will be a good fit, we will be happy to provide you with alternatives. We want all our couples to be excited about and confident in their choice of vendors.

After your big day we hope you will provide us with brief, candid and confidential feedback about your vendors and experience. Your insights are invaluable to providing future MarryGold couples with the best planning experience possible.

Is Project MarryGold a wedding planner?

No, we are here to help you with your vendor research and sourcing. Our professionals will use their market knowledge and expertise to connect you with your perfect vendors. You are the boss and will be able negotiate directly with your vendors to fully personalize your big day.

How much does it cost?

The cost is nominal. We are as invested in your big day as you are! Reach out to us for a quote.